Chris Bird Author and Firearm Expert

Chris Bird is available to speak to:  Women’s Groups, Business owners, NRA members, High Schools, Colleges & Universities, Civic Groups, Government Organizations, etc.

Topics for Keynotes:

  • Gun-Free Zones: The Hoax that Lulls the General Public into Complacency
  • Situational Awareness: Stay Safer by Paying Attention to Your Surroundings
  • Political Correctness Costs Lives: The San Bernardino Massacre – If you SEE Something, SAY Something
  • The Change in Law Enforcement Attitudes: What This Translates to for Ordinary Citizens

Thank God I Had a Gun!

Ordinary Americans Protecting Themselves & Others

Chris Bird - Speaker One-SheetChris Bird is an experienced firearms expert, shooter, and a firm believer in the right to carry. Chris was also a commissioned officer in the Royal Military Police of the British army, a newspaper and television reporter and a private investigator. Over the years, Chris has seen many examples of ordinary citizens who should have had a way to protect themselves, but did not. Chris is a sought after speaker on this hot topic, and the author of three books on the subject: The Concealed Handgun Manual: How to Choose, Carry and Shoot a Gun in Self Defense, Thank God I Had a Gun: True Accounts of Self-Defense, and Surviving a Mass Killer Rampage: When Seconds Count, Police are Still Minutes Away.

Download Chris Bird’s Speaker One-Sheet for full details.

“Chris Bird has artfully challenged citizens to prepare themselves to survive a mass killer incident. It’s a challenge that may save your life! Citizen’s have a right to not become a victim or crime statistic.”

Sheriff John Whetsel
Oklahoma County, OK, Past President International Assoc. of Chiefs of Police

“For over twenty years, the unthinkable has occurred over and over: the killings of innocent victims simply to achieve a high body count. This book is a MUST READ if you are interested in a factual well-documented understanding of mass shootings.”

Dr. Richard Caster
former Executive Director National
Association of School Resource Officers

“This is a very important work. It is extremely well researched and will prove invaluable to those charged with determining how to deal with the active–killer issue in their school or place of business.”

Ed Lovette
retired CIA officer and firearms instructor for the state of  New Mexico State Police