Chris Bird Author and Firearm Expert

Story Ideas:

  • Why Gun-Free Zones Kill People: Understand the criminal mindset
  • You Are Your Own First Responder: 3 ways to prepare yourself in the event of a shooting incident
  • Why Political Correctness Kills People: 3 ways to fearlessly speak up and still be politically correct
  • Notice Your Surroundings:
    Cell Phones and electronic devices may be  getting in the way of
    your protection
  • Why Getting Your Conceal Carry License is ONLY the first step:
    the 3 important  follow up after steps you need to know
  • The Orlando Shooting: 5 ways this could have been prevented
  • Understand Why Mama Should Carry a Gun: The number of women who owned guns spiked to 23% in 2011
  •  Why You should NEVER choose Your Wife’s gun: 5 reasons women should select their own firearm
  • Armed Teachers: 3 important ways this will protect our children  even more than a call to the police

Gun Safety Expert Chris Bird debunks handgun myths & shares powers ordinary citizens have to protect themselves!

Chris Bird - Media One-SheetChris Bird, an experienced firearms expert, shooter, and a firm believer in the right to carry – Chris was also a commissioned officer in the Royal Military Police of the British Army, a newspaper and television reporter and a private investigator.  Over the years, Chris has seen many examples of ordinary citizens who should have had a way to protect themselves, but did not.  Chris is a sought after speaker on this hot topic, and the author of three best-selling books on the subject:

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A regular on Gun Talk Radio, Chris Bird is an experienced, knowledgeable interview who will engage and educate your audience.


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