Chris Bird Author and Firearm ExpertChris Bird was born in England and lived there for his first 24 years but his early love of shooting was shadowed by the UK’s onerous laws preventing the use of guns in self defense. When he married a Texan and moved to the US everything changed.

He is author of The Concealed Handgun Manual which is now in its sixth edition, and Thank God I Had a Gun: True Accounts of Self-Defense, now in its second edition. His latest book is, Surviving a Mass Killer Rampage: When Seconds Count, Police Are Still Minutes Away. He has written articles for The Washington Times, SWAT magazine, Concealed Carry Magazine, and The Gun Mag and has been a featured instructor on Conceal & Carry School, a 12-part series shown on Spike TV.

Certified CHL Instructor - Texas Department of Public SafetyBird is certified in Texas as a concealed-handgun instructor. He has trained under Bill Davison of Tac Pro Shooting Center, John Benner of Tactical Defense Institute and Jerry Lane formerly of Offshoots Training Institute.

He is a frequent panelist at the annual Gun Rights Policy Conference and has been a speaker at Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall School of Law, the Houston Gun Collectors Association and the Lone Star College – Montgomery, Second Amendment Academy, among others.

Texas Concealed Handgun AssociationHe is a past president of the Texas Concealed Handgun Association, and a member of the Texas State Rifle Association, the NRA, the Second Amendment Foundation, and Gun Owners of America. In 2014, he was presented with a Defender of Liberty award by the Second Amendment Foundation.

As a commissioned officer in the Royal Military Police of the British Army in the 1960s, Bird was stationed in Berlin, West Germany, and Belgium, serving as company weapon-training officer and winning awards for shooting in competition. After leaving the military, Bird migrated to Canada where he worked as a cowboy in British Columbia while shooting and hunting extensively.

He became a journalist and worked as a crime and investigative reporter for the Vancouver Province newspaper and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. In the late 1980s, he and his wife Anita sailed a 27-foot sailboat from Vancouver, Canada, to Sydney, Australia, and back to San Francisco.

Bird lives with his wife, Anita, in San Antonio, Texas. He has two daughters, Katy and Rebecca.

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