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The Congressman

We have a Congressman who, in fear for his life, has come up with a bill to give him and his colleagues the right to carry concealed weapons anywhere in the nation. He was present at the shooting at the baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, last month when an avowed leftist and Bernie Sanders supporter opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle wounding several people including Congressman Steve Scalise, the Republican Whip in the House of Representatives.

Congressman Mo Brooks, a Republican from Alabama, was at the practice and fled to the dugout for better cover. He helped treat Scalise who was hit in the hip while two police officers from Scalise’s security detail shot and killed the shooter.

As Suzanna Hupp said after watching her parents die in the Luby’s Cafeteria in Killeen: “Can you imagine not being able to fight back?”

Undoubtedly, Brooks felt the fear of imminent death. He introduced a bill that would treat Congressmen differently from their constituents. Brooks argued that Congressmen do not have police bodyguards and are targets. But is he anymore at risk than the housewife in San Diego being stalked by a former spouse?

There is a bill that has been sitting in Congress with no action that would make concealed carry permits valid in any state – The Freedom to Carry Bill, HR 38.

But as things stand, this is another example of our elected representatives looking out for themselves at our expense.


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