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Know the Laws and Stay Out of Jail

The Texas Gun Owner’s Guide
By Alan Korwin & Georgene Lockwood


$14.95 plus $4 shipping
and in Texas $1.23 sales tax

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In 2013, the Texas Legislature made several significant changes to Texas gun laws such as shortening the concealed handgun licensing training course and preventing most employers from prohibiting employees from keeping firearms in their vehicles in company parking lots. So even if you have an old edition, you need the new eighth edition.

The Texas Gun Owner’s Guide is a compilation of all the Texas laws affecting gun owners. The laws concerning gun ownership, possession and use are reprinted in the book, but more important, all the key laws and regulations are spelled out in plain English. If you own a gun, you need this book.

 “Comprehensive and well researched . . . bridges the gap between the complex laws and everyday life . . . of special value to residents who are applying for their concealed-handgun license.” — Jerry Patterson, former state senator who sponsored the Texas Concealed Handgun law

The Cornered Cat: A Woman’s Guide to Concealed Carry

By Kathy Jackson

When a cat feels threatened, she gets away from the danger as quickly as she can. She doesn’t care what damage she inflicts on her way to safety, but she’s not interested in fighting for fighting’s sake. She does only as much as she needs to do ion order to escape. She doesn’t deal in revenge. If she feels threatened, she simply leaves. Efficiently.

Until she needs to use them, her claws stay sheathed. She doesn’t go around threatening to maul people., She’s cuddly, she’s cozy, she likes to curl up next to a crackling fired on a warm winter’s day. She’s great company. But don’t try to trap her in a bad situation.

This book is about women and guns, not about cats. But in a way, it’s about the cornered cat in all of us. It’s about making the decision to say. “Not me. Not mine. Not today.” And it’s about the tools to make that decision stick.

Kathy Jackson is a writer and firearms instructor. She is author (with Mark Walters) of Lessons from Armed America, is former editor of Concealed Carry Magazine and has written many magazine articles. She can be found at her home in Washington State when she isn’t teaching firearms courses around the country.

The Reference Book of
All Federal Firearms Laws

Gun Laws of America: Every Gun Law on the Books,
with Plain English Summaries.
By Alan Korwin, with Attorney Michael P. Anthony.

GUN LAWS OF AMERICA Every Federal Gun law on the Books, with Plain-English summaries, Fifth Edition

$19.95 plus $5 shipping
and in Texas $1.65 sales tax

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Like a complete gun-law library in your hand. The first and only completely unabridged compilation of federal gun laws – everything Congress has done on guns and the right to arms. Every law is described in plain English. It covers citizens, dealers, collectors, militia, National Guard, manufacturers, global disarmament, “proper” authorities, types of guns, the lost national right to carry, the National Transportation Guarantee, and much more – good laws, bad laws, 70 pages of juicy intro, along with plain English summaries.

“Outstanding . . . an important step toward protecting the republic.” — Bob Corbin, former Arizona Attorney General

“A whale of a good job . . . needed for a very long time.” — Joe Foss, statesman

“. . . a useful and unique piece of work.” — Stephen P. Halbrook, gun rights attorney


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